FI Data Center

If you'd like to host your website within a location which is made to resist aerial strike, EMP attacks and all sorts of disasters, then our Finnish data center is an ideal option for you. Positioned in a former subterranean military facility, it will guarantee top protection for your sites.

Also, due to its location, this data center gives you remarkable connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, and also with the world. If you would like your websites to bring in more customers from those countries, the Finnish data center can be a fantastic selection.

  • Domain Names

  • .COM - $13.99/year
  • .NET - $17.04/year
  • .ORG - $16.49/year
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Cloud Web Hosting in Finland

Buy a fully risk-free cloud web hosting package from registratudominio and host your websites in our Finnish data center. We match the security level provided by this data center with outstanding internal network stability, which is why all of our plans feature 99.9% server uptime and network uptime warranties. Furthermore, they include the ModSecurity module, which functions as a firewall from web application hacker attacks.

Additionally, by hosting your site here, you will also get an instant speed increase - our cloud web hosting servers come with SSD drives that provide noticeably faster read/write speeds when compared to regular HDD drives. Also, you are able to make use of our collection of web site accelerators to further raise the operating speed of the websites and apps.

OpenVZ VPS Servers In Finland

If you are looking for a secure VPS hosting experience, check out our OpenVZ VPS Servers inside our Finnish data center. They have unrivaled levels of safety. Not only will your websites be located inside an underground data center, that is, in fact, an ex-military compound, but they are also guarded by an excellent internal network. And with our Web Hosting Control Panel, you'll get a selection of firewalls, that can filter incoming and outbound connections.

In addition to the strong security layer, our OpenVZ VPS servers feature very powerful hardware and extremely fast SSD drives. Their processing power equals a dedicated server, but they come at a more affordable price.


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  • Take advantage of a risk-free cloud website hosting service in our Finnish data center. Benefit from a fantastic 99.9% server uptime guarantee in addition to a very fast, 24/7 technical support service.
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  • With registratudominio, you'll have a top-speed connection with the whole world, an exceptional web site efficiency in addition to a dedicated technical support crew, that's accessible 24/7.
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